Grace   |   proper noun   /grās/  
: a sweet and joyful little girl absolutely adored by all who know her; just as beautiful on the inside as on the outside

grace  |  noun   /grās/  
: a way of moving that is smooth and attractive and that is not stiff or awkward
: a controlled, polite, and pleasant way of behaving

grace   |   noun   /grās/  
: God's gift of salvation, granted to all sinners, which was purchased for us through Jesus Christ's death on the cross

with a little grace is a journal that came to be with these three definitions of "grace" in mind. From the day my sister Grace was born, she has been nothing less than her name suggests, "God's gift" to all who know her. Already a teen when she was born, I was privileged with a unique perspective of her life, feeling a trace of how I suspect parents feel about their children. I wanted to protect Grace, guide her, let her learn from my mistakes, and profit from my successes. More importantly, I hoped to set a positive example for her as a young woman in today's culture—one of living against the grain. 

In Grace's mere eight years of life, I have experienced a handful of milestones: high school stress, heartbreak, applying to college and now graduate school, competing in collegiate athletics, finding life-long friendships, discerning my career and life vocation, having my faith tested and growing deeper in my trust in the Lord, and most recently marrying a wonderful man (whom Grace adores). Throughout this myriad of events, encounters, and quandaries, I found myself hoping to somehow relay my knowledge and freshly learned wisdom to Grace. I wanted to provide her with style secrets, relationship advice, confidence in her body image, encouragement in morality, wisdom of discernment, and even passing along our mom's expert baking tips. Fearful that this culture would etch away at her infectious joy and sweet confidence, I decided to contribute to it in a positive fashion. To promote all things graceful, with thanksgiving of God's grace, and always keeping my sister Grace in mind, I begin my long love letter to Grace—and all young women alike.

I have the same hopes for Grace that you may have for your own daughter, sister, wife, friend, or yourself: to be confident, successful, joyful, respected, and to know that she is loved. Therefore, I write to all of you and the beloved young women and girls in your life. My mission is to promote elegance, class, virtue, faith, confidence, purity, and grace—values that are often abandoned in today’s world. A journal for women and girls of all ages and walks of life, it is my hope that my words serve as comfort and inspiration, especially for those in need of confidence or community. This journal is written as a love letter to Grace, intended to promote all types of grace and with my Grace in mind. 

Wherever your journey may lead, I hope it is enhanced with a little grace.

photos by  Cory Weber

photos by Cory Weber