hi! i'm kelsey

I'm an aspiring marriage and family therapist with many of my own family experiences to draw upon as the second of seven children. I am not-so-humbly married to the most wonderful man in the world, whom I live with in Chicago. As a graduate of Northwestern University, I love all things purple thanks to my days as a 'Cat on the field hockey team (Big Ten Champs, baby!). I am quite smitten with the Mitten, especially my beloved Harbor Springs. With a self-proclaimed "passion for fashion," I continue to gain most of my style tips and inspiration from my beautiful mother (whom most people mistake for my sister). I will bake you anything sweet, as I do not discriminate when it comes to doughs and batters of various baked goods... but let's be honest, cookies over everythang. Although I may be a bit biased, I believe September is the best month of the year thanks to birthdays, fall leaves, field hockey, new beginnings, and college football. You can find me at church on Sundays because I am a sinner in need of grace.

Fun Fact: My college roommates and I may have received a noise violation from their neighbors in college... for singing "Let It Go" from Frozen too loudly.