Take Your Black Romper from Day to Night

Well, this is something that I haven't done yet: two consecutive style posts. While this journal wouldn't be "me" if I didn't include the style component, I never intend to stray too long from the heart of the matter: faith, culture, relationships, and families. Nonetheless, the September weather turned quickly here in Chicago, thus urging me to post these photos by the talented Ashley Bernet before the snow is upon us! 

Another trend that has blown up over the past few years are rompers and jumpsuits. While I was specifically in search for a floral romper for a long time, the only two rompers I ended up buying were black rompers. Why? Well, I tend to gravitate towards timeless pieces. Rompers—especially floral ones—aren't exactly timeless (but are nonetheless adorable). And while it's not always about buying sensible pieces, the neutral color helped me work this very trendy piece of clothing into my wardrobe. 

I came to learn, however, that a black romper can be worn like a LBD (little black dress—which every woman should have in her closet), only it's more versatile. More versatile than a simple LBD? Yes. Dressing down a silk black dress for daytime is a little trickier than its silky romper counterpart (though I'm up for the challenge). Let me explain. . . 


At first, I didn't know how to wear this frilly, silky black romper casually, without looking like I was going out. I realized I had to let the other details of my outfit do the explaining. A hat (like my "Pharrell hat" as my sisters call it) instantly dresses down—but adds dimension to—an outfit. Bonus? It covers up your unwashed (x3 days) greasy hair. Simple makeup (i.e. no bold lip—can't believe I just said that) also helps express the informality of the outfit. Add some relatively flat shoes or sandals (animal print is a plus) and a fun pop of color (like my cross-body clutch) and you're ready for class, daytime sightseeing, lunch with a friend, shopping, or a leisurely walk in the park (or jungle). Rawr.



If you haven't figured it out yet, the key to changing up your look for day and night is how you accessorize. Take off the hat (might need some dry shampoo for that), switch out your flats for heels (wedges are a more comfortable version) and load on the jewelry. Black clothing acts as a neutral canvas, so feel free to put on the glam bracelets and bangles, fancy watch, and—my favorite—statement earrings. A sleek, black purse or clutch, adds another dimension of dazzle, especially if it has a chain. At this point, the ensemble is glam enough without a bold lip color, but whoever said no to that? (. . . other than my husband.) As I've said before, I view a bold lip more as a part of the outfit (like an accessory) rather than makeup—and this "oxblood" color is huge for fall. It's all about wearing it with confidence. Ooh la la! 


So, get out your black romper for a final rendezvous before the snow and ice hit. But nonetheless, these transitional tactics can be applied to a black jumpsuit, LBD, or a black monochromatic ensemble into the winter months!


with a little grace,


*All Photos by Ashley Bernet*