Three Transitional Looks, One Top

As the humidity and warm summer temps finally start to drop, we usually start packing away our summer wardrobe. But not so fast with those off-the-shoulder tops I saw everywhere this summer! I am never one to limit a piece of clothing to one season—what a waste! I styled three looks to save your OTS (off-the-shoulder, obviously) top from getting packed away with the swimsuits and bright colors


Whether you're heading to rooftop cocktails in the city with your girlfriends, a dinner date with your beau, or even a dressy Sunday brunch with the fam, your OTS top will provide just the right amount of sexy while the trousers keep it classy. (And yes, you can wear white after Labor Day—especially this eggshell shade!) Elegant accessories like a beaded clutch, a long strand of pearls, double pearl earrings, and nude heels pull the matured look together—voila

  • styling with a little grace: The key to this polished look is keeping both the top and trousers in the neutral color family. Steer clear of brights and bold patterns here, especially when transitioning to fall.


back-to-school cool

Want to make an impression this school year without trying too hard? An OTS top paired with fitted boyfriend jeans will do just the trick for class. Think: an update on the simple jeans and tee combo. Classic shades and bold earrings add interest and texture to the ensemble without distracting. And the perfect fall shoe? Blue suede shoes (er, loafers). You can dress them up or down, the color (navy) goes with everything, they're not as summery as sandals or as wintery as boots, and more versatile than flats. Win, win, win, win!

  • styling with a little grace: The key to the finding the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans is to follow the Goldilocks principle: not too tight but not too loose, not too many rips but not too smooth. . . justttt right.


savoring summer

Floral shorts—for fall?! Hear me out: you know those September days that still feel like August (um, today)? Paired with an OTS top, floral shorts help you make the most of your last summer days. And remember that scene from The Devil Wears Prada when Meryl Streep sneers, "Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking." Well, Miranda Priestly would be proud of us now for breaking the seasonal spring trend. Florals for fall. It's happening. 

  • styling with a little grace: While we're savoring summer, let's talk sandals. My sandal of choice to carryover into the warm fall days? These bone-colored Jacks. So many varieties, so many ways to wear them. They really go with everything!


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** All Photos by Ashley Bernet — Thank you so much, Ashley! **